Town Initiatives

Town-Owned Properties

The Town of Avon is considering the future community uses for town-owned properties. The design and planning team, led by Design Workshop, is working with the Town to create land use development and business plans for the sites, providing insight into viable future uses to fulfill Town and public use needs. To learn more, visit the Town-Owned Properties page.

Avon Joint Public Safety Facility 

The Town of Avon and Eagle River Fire Protection District (ERFPD) have been evaluating a joint facility for police and fire services for several years. The Buck Creek parcel (Lot 1B, located on Nottingham Rd. and Swift Gulch Rd.) was selected following detailed site analyses by each agency and found to be the preferred site for emergency response and interagency partnership. To learn more, visit the Avon Joint Public Safety Facility Page.

Beaver Creek Boulevard Redesign

The Town of Avon has taken its next significant action in bringing walkability, bike safety, and parking and streetscape improvements to the Town core when it implemented a new test traffic pattern on East and West Beaver Creek Boulevard, from Lake Street to Beaver Creek Place during the summer of 2016. Monitoring the use of the street has given valuable information to Town officials as they determine the future of the corridor. The changes are aimed at testing the Town Council’s vision to create a more complete transportation system, demonstrating bicycle treatments that have the potential to increase safety and usability for all travelers. To learn more, visit the Beaver Creek Boulevard Redesign page.