Town-Owned Properties

Town of Avon Properties Development Strategies 

The Town of Avon is considering the future community uses for town-owned properties. The design and planning team, led by Design Workshop, is working with the Town to create land use development and business plans for the sites, providing insight into viable future uses to fulfill Town and public use needs.

The study locations include:

1) Tract G: Nottingham Park, Old Town Hall (vacating in 2017), the old Fire Station on Benchmark Road (vacating in 2017), the Avon Recreation Center, Avon Public Library and adjacent town-owned public streets and parking lots;

2) Lot 5 adjacent to Home Depot;

3) Lot E adjacent to Post Boulevard and Traer Creek;

4) “Park Site” within the Village at Avon;

5) Swift Gulch (adjacent to the Town’s transit and fleet facilities); and

6) Wildridge Fire Station (vacating in 2017).

To view the Town Properties Development Strategies Plan, CLICK HERE

The Planning and Zoning Commission is set to hold a public meeting on September 5th at 5:00 p.m., and Avon Town Council is scheduled to discuss the Development Plan for Town-Owned Properties at the September 12th meeting.

Multi-Modal Transportation and Parking Plan

A multi-modal transportation and parking plan focusing on the Town’s commercial core is being completed.  The plan quantifies current parking demand; forecasts future parking demand based upon existing zoning and development plans; and, locates surface and/or structure parking for demand in the Town core. Recommendations integrate concepts from the Town’s Comprehensive Plan to include transit, walking, bike routes, etc.  The Avon Multimodal Transportation and Parking Plan Final Report is available HERE. The plan confirms that the current parking supply is adequate, and that further pedestrian safety improvements are warranted in the commercial core area.