West Town Center Investment Plan

Situated between the town's civic, commercial, and tourist offerings, Avon's West Town Center offers an unparalleled opportunity to create a vibrant, lifestyle-oriented niche that will transform West Town Center and its new Main Street into the community's gathering place and social hub.

Avon's West Town Center offers a focal point for social activities and community gatherings. A balanced mix of retail and entertainment will provide enjoyable experiences for families, year-round residents, second home owners and visitors. In addition, the high-quality public spaces throughout the core area creates a welcoming atmosphere and encourages public gathering. An active program of events, activities and festivals gives numerous opportunities to visit West Town Center, particularly during off season and other slower periods.

Due to the large size of the Town Center West Investment Plan, it has been broken down into several sections for downloading.Most of these sections are still large files and may take a moment to download.