Citizens' Police Academy

The Citizens’ Police Academy  is a multi-week program conducted once each year with an average of 15 - 20 attendees. The program is designed to familiarize Citizens with the “how/what/why” of Police procedures, and provide an opportunity to interact and ask questions of local law enforcement. Latino Citizen's Academy is a similar program, with all classes conducted in Spanish. The Citizens’ Academies do their best to reflect current themes and topics, and encourage discussion of how the Police operate in general.

Citizen's Academy Schedule

Class 1

    • State of the Law Enforcement in Eagle County
    • Crime Scene Investigation (CSI), participants will have hands on experience investigating a crime scene.

Class 2

    • Tour of the Colorado Mountain College Glenwood Spring Campus Police Academy - Firearms Training Simulator (FATS), participants will be given computer simulation of shoot or don’t shoot situations and be required to react as a police officer in compliance with the use of force policy.  
Class 3
    • Drug Recognition and DUI enforcement, participants will learn how to evaluate the sobriety of an individual and perform tests on an intoxicated person.
Class 4
    • Chief Daly, S.W.A.T., participants will learn about the Eagle County Special Operations Unit.
    • Chief Daly – Self Defense, participants will be taught basic self-defense techniques.

Class 5

    • Tour of the Eagle County Jail.

Class 6

    • Tour of the Vail Public Safety Communication Center.

Class 7

    • An evening with firearms instructor's at the firing range.  Graduation


To apply for Citizen's Academy, complete an application and return it to Sargent Matt Jamison.